Dirty Barbara Windsor gets out of her own pub!

Get outta my [add building with public access here]

America had Marilyn, we had Barbara who – let’s face it – not only looked like a man in a wig, but didn’t even have a decent pair of tits.

Now, the ‘icon’, ‘national treasure’ and general all-round waste of space (no commas around that one) is leaving her day job as Peggy Mitchell of Albert Square, no doubt because the offers from Woody Allen, the Coen Brothers and Tom Ford have become too numerous to ignore.

Yes, the gangster-loving, Krays-defending, Boris-hugging irritant is hanging up her wig (well, her work wig) and has thanked all at the BBC for a marvellous opportunity to earn money regardless of acting talent.

Well, they better make sure they kill her off good and proper and not just stick her in a cab so there can be no talk of bringing her back.

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