Kim Cattrall to star on London’s glittering London stage. In a play.

Oh, Kimmy...

Kim Cattrall off-of one of the fun-est people we’ve ever interviewed (too early for that showing off milark? Never, m’lud. Someone’s gotta pay the freakin’ bills round here, etc *points; death stares*) is to star in new production of the Noel Coward play, Private Lives. We’d do the funny double-dot thing over Noel’s e, only we don’t know how. We know how to do other things, just not that. You should see what we’re doing now.

Richard Eyre off-of very famous Olivier Award-winning director will be doing the pointing and shouting and huffing and puffing, whilst Kim’s co-star will be Matthew McFadyen, a brooding type who we wouldn’t mind doing something else beginning with ‘b’ too. The world’s our oyster, frankly.

Some stats, Men’s Health style-ee:

– Kim’s last appearance on London’s glittering West End was in 2006, in The Cryptogram at the Donmar Warehouse.

– Matthew McFadyen likes to spell his surname with a ‘y’. Yesterday, whilst having our yearly MOT down the clap clinic (like, HELLO! It’s totally on-trend and means we’re squeaky clean should anyone want to touch us (in)appropriately over the Halloween weekend), the nice man at the desk spent a disproportionate amount of time explaining what ‘surname’ meant to an ESL (‘English as a Second Language’). He didn’t seem to mind. Better than swabs, we imagine.

– Private Lives will run for two weeks at the Theatre Royal Bath, before transferring to said Glittering West End, where it will play at the Vaudeville from 24th February till 1st May.

– And c) and d)

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Kim Cattrall to star on London's glittering London stage. In a play. , 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. I saw her in that last thing she did down the Donmar and she was exceeding good.

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  2. Did everyone see her ep of WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? It was stunning! One of the best ever …

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