Bysey bye, now let me scrub your filth off me

The horror, the horror

Oh dear, we loves a faux-pas. Mostly because it’s a French phrase and French makes us horny *rubs self with a croissant* but also because they’re usually funny in a cringe, hide behind your acrylic nails kinda way. So when OGL fled left Malawi after a recent visit, she waved out of the window of her getaway car to say toodleloo to her beloveds, clasping onto hand sanitiser like her life depended on it. Baby Jesus David only knows what happened once that window was wound up. Sheep dip anyone?

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One comment to “Bysey bye, now let me scrub your filth off me”

  1. Bwaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha !!! Science love ‘er …
    I wholly support the work she does but that *is* funny.

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