Scratch that itch, bitch

'It burns when I go toiley'

Now we don’t know where Kristina Rihanoff off-of couldn’t look more Eastern European if she tried, has been, but she may or may not have given our favourite boxer (well, we think he’s our favourite boxer, we don’t really know any others apart from the Beast from the East who we saw on BBC Breakfast and nearly wet-weed ourselves with fear) Joe Calzaghe something unwelcome in the downstairs department. Then again, he might just be re-arranging his little Welsh man-parts. Who knows, but the picture amused us and Rihanoff reminded us of Alan Partridge’s ‘back of the net’ wife. Tee and/or hee.

Ooh, ooh, we just found a picture of the Beast from the East. He’s 7ft 4, hairier than an actual bear of the animal kind and might possibly be the missing link. Just imagine the willy! Over the furry jump with you.



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2 comments to “Scratch that itch, bitch”

  1. I wonder if the penis is proportionately big or looks like a micro-job in comparison? I hope it’s the former, then I can have a good wank. I love a neaderthal.

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  2. Gasp! He is HUUUUUGGGGEE! Oh and I’m bored of Calzaghe now he’s shagging that Russian bird. Yawn.

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