Yum yum in kitty’s tum


We are an absolute sucker for a gratuitous pussy shot in the orifice (read office) and this is officially our new favourite video of a very-furry-eared kitty cat eating his dinner with chopsticks. Yes, he’s probably thinking, ‘Enough already! I’m hungry you silly bitch, just put the bowl down and let me stuff my mush like any other self-respecting pussy’, but it’s still cute. Cuter than silly bint Bai Ling or Ling Bai or whatever the eff she’s called, who decided to take her cat to some premiere or other when she should have been at home teaching it how to use chopsticks. Now lerrus watch kitty cat over the jump.

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2 comments to “Yum yum in kitty’s tum”

  1. This is how I shall feed my pussy forthwith.

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  2. Cats are not dogs. Making them beg for their food might very well result in your unexpected death as you sleep! :-)

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