Madeleine McCann gets an autumn makeover!

No more brassy highlights!

No doubt after consultations with Gok Wan and Myleene (no) Klass, gone is the blonde look we know from the countless videos the McCanns keep coming up with, in in in is a new toned down brunette look, just perfect for those seasonal parties.

The picture is in fact the latest in the McCann’s campaign to find their daughter two years after they left her and her brothers alone while they went down for a tapas tea during their hols in Portugal. They reckon she might be in North Africa, which would explain the need for the hair to be made darker, though we don’t really get why you would go and nick a blonde girl to take her to Africa and then dye her hair.

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2 comments to “Madeleine McCann gets an autumn makeover!”

  1. Looks like Sammy Jo from Dynasty

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  2. Madeleine McCann? It’s Dakota Fanning with a spray tan!

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