‘I’m a natural blonde, honest’

*We are siamese if you please, bum-bum-bum-bum*

There’s always a place on one’s coffee table for a book about cats in wigs. Good job Glamourpuss, the book with pictures of cats in wigs, has been released. This is good news for our scraggy copy of The Big Penis Book which has been fingered and thumbed to within an inch of its papery life.

Now let us look and squish-squish at the blondes, blues and gingers (we loves us a ginge) as featured in the book. Yays!
Ginge minge, sorry, pussy Blondes have more fun. Strue. Cleopatra comin' atcha

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3 comments to “‘I’m a natural blonde, honest’”

  1. ‘The enchanting world of kitty wigs’?
    I’ll be the judge of that.
    *is enchanted*

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  2. Chenius. I’ll take it.

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  3. MUCH prefer the Big Penis book

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