David Ginola? J’adore. David Ginola? Je vous want to bum.

Avec clothes on

Well, if we’re bumming it’d be rude not to go with the familiar ‘tu’ pronoun. So, we stand corrected – je tu want to bum, a whole load of beaucoup.

And talking of a whole load of whole load, we would like to take this opportunity to bring you a collection of pictures of David Ginola off-of football in the jack-diddly-squat. That’s naked to you and us. ‘Nude’ is a bit too Calendar Girls. Considerably bigger buns, etc.

And talking of buns, here’s David’s…! Seamless, Nescafé?

Our boyf *waves* 

Ooh la la, etcetera. 

Silver fox, etcetera. Well that's nice. Go on, bit more for Momma... Oh bonjour! Peachy. *takes up portraiture*

For the pedants amongst us, these sweet little pics are taken from a show called Naked Britain on London’s glittering Sky 1. Also known as Our New Favourite Show. Hello. Oh that rhymes. Chimes. Limes. Cheese.


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3 comments to “David Ginola? J’adore. David Ginola? Je vous want to bum.”

  1. I *breathe* love *breathe* him *breathe*

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  2. Oh j’adore indeed. He could tackle my balls any day.
    (Sorry for that, by the way. Too easy. True, though.)

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  3. Big Frenchie nose = Big Frenchie cock.

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