Shiny hatty people… Kill us now

Woolly hat + toothy grin = a very 'special' look

Don’t know about you, but if we’re feeling a little low – as we are right now with Susan Boyle-in-a-bag caterwauling that wrist-slitting Wild Horses on the radiobox – we usually remedy it with something along the lines of alcomahol and carb overload, but turns out all we needed was a prick in the head. Well some oral love cheers everyone up doesn’t it? *workie taps on shoulder, explains story, gets slap for speaking before being spoken to*. Oh, turns out this is a prick of an entirely different nature.

Just as Piers Tears Morgan invented crying, Lauren McCarthy has invented forced smiling (and you thought Nicole Kidman had already done that. No, no, no, it was Lauren) by way of a woolly hat, a sensor and a sharp metal spike. When you wear the hat – which, let’s face it, unless you go by the name Swampy, you won’t, but work with us here – the little sensor detects when you stop smiling and jabs you in the head until you start smiling again… or take it off. Apparently, using the smiling muscles makes you feel happier and makes those around you feel happier in the process, although we’re pretty sure a decent blow job does that too. It also makes you look like a special.

Watch Lauren demonstrating the power of the hat, here. Toodle-Pippa from Home and Away. *waves*

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