Imagine it without the hair.

The prince and the *fill blank*

Oh no, that’s just mean.

No but really, imagine it without the hair!

Oh no, seriously. Mean. With a capital ‘pig in a wig’.

No but, c’mon. Chelsy. Without it. *covers eyes*

It’s like Momma always said, ‘You can’t polish a turd. But you can put it in a condom, stick in in the freezer overnight, remove the following morning and play with it in an adult fashion with her adult companion, much like a famous singer of songs who may not have been a lady but was all woman, was alleged to have done. Alleged, people. Alleged. A. Ledge. A ledge. Ledge.’





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2 comments to “Imagine it without the hair.”

  1. And just because you put a turd in an Hermes scarf does not make it bummable.

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  2. OOOOOhhhhh! Look the pretty Prince bought a poppy from a gypsy woman in Covent Garden.

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