She really is an Aqua for our times, this one

Smoking in bed!

J’adore her, je couldn’t live without her but is it just us or is Lady Gaga just a jumped up Euro disco act? Or is that the joke and we’ve just not been reading the papers?

We don’t mean it in a bad way. We actually have a playlist and everything (though we do prefer classic French disco from the 70s: Claude Francois ‘Alexandrie, Alexandra’ f’rinstance). Anyhoo, here she is in some bad-ass fetishwear singing a real pretty song with some strange lyrics.

Over the jump…

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One comment to “She really is an Aqua for our times, this one”

  1. Euro disco act cant dance cant sing live and always wearing stupid outfits u guys forgot to put HONEY WHATS THIS….

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