A story about The Saturdays


These are The Saturdays.

If The Saturdays were presented to us in a police line-up and a boy in, let’s say, blue, goes along the line and points out each of The Saturdays, perhaps in the following fashion; ‘This is Una Healy (say hello Una!), this is Rochelle Wiseman and her tits; this is Vanessa White, next to her is ‘Hey’ Frankie Sandford who looks uncannily like that cunt Danielle Lloyd off-of footballers and last but by no means least, Mollie King. Together, they are The Saturdays,’ we’d still be none the wiser.

They just look like a bunch of meaningless tarts on their way to a girls’ night out down Yates’s Wine Lodge.

Et, finit.

ps. They sing, right?

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  1. I am proud to say I’ve no idea about their names or individual personalities — assuming they have personalities. I saw ‘Vanessa’ on BUZZCOCKS and she didn’t come across as particularly clever — although she’s pretty; I will admit that.

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