This is what a gay looks like

Looks familiar

Except for the tie, which is sooo not gay. And the glasses. And the collar. Anyway, we’re just making the point that this is what Anne Widdecombe would like you to look like. Well, she’d actually like you to go away altogether but if you had to look like something – and you do – this is what she’d prefer.

What it is is… Harriet Harman and her peoples over at the Ministry for Lovely Things and Making Sure Things are Fair (something to do with equality) are proposing that in the next national census to take place in 2011 people are asked about their sexuality. As in ‘are you straight, gay or bisexual and can I have your number if you’re not doing anything on Friday after work?’ Well, the first bit anyway.

The thinking behind this is a). there’s nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual, or straight come to that, so where’s the harm in asking? Are we not asking people’s race in case they think we’re being nosy? b). if there is a large gay population in a certain place – let’s just say Shoreditch or Brighton – then their needs in terms of public services are going to be different from a population where there are school-age kids, to pluck an example out of our (rosy and rather pert) arse. And c). wouldn’t it be fun to know how many gays there were out there? No, but wouldn’t it?

Not according to Ms. W, a vile Christian who must not be found endearing just because she’s a cigarette paper away from being retarded. ‘It is people’s own busniess,’ said W in that creepy just-about-to-break voice of hers. ‘It is not anyone else’s business and I don’t see why anyone should be asked to declare it.’

Well, to paraphrase someone rather clever, Some people are gay, bitch. Get over it!

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2 comments to “This is what a gay looks like”

  1. Anne Widdecombe is a rat cunt.

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  2. Why does everyone get so up in arms about stating their sexuality? What’s going to happen? The Nazis are going to get in and hunt us all down?

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