What’s the point if he’s not getting his knob out?

Semi-owcha magowcha

We have enjoyed – and heartily – the prospect of dirty Sarah Palin getting shown up by her daughter’s babyfather getting his knackers out for pubic consumption in Playgirl. Enjoyed the prospect of knackers, enjoyed the prospect of humiliation. Just regular straight-up enjoyed.

Now it turns out the old spoilsport will not be getting the knackers out. Boo, etc. There will be general eroticism – probably ‘tasteful’ (when we prefer tasteless), probably black and white (when we prefer warts and all livid colour), probably respectful (when we prefer all parties to be thoroughly shamed, including ourselves the viewers) – there maybe even a bare bottom. But of meat and two veg there will be starvation rations. So it looks like we’re going to bed hungry.

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  2. OOOOh! Must be tiny! The $ amount was based on him showing the whole johnson so it must have shrivelled up in the cold of the ice skating rink shot. One of his twitters was “Would you show your WANG for $35000”

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