The strange, strange rules of Scientology

How much?

We know that religion is random but it seems that space religion Scientology (Science should sue for libel!) is stranger than most.

While homosexuality is wrong (right, Tom? right Johnny T?) and post-natal depression is something you just have to get through and medical intervention is often wrong and psychiatry is a made-up science, it’s apparently OK – as in the case of Suri ‘poor bitch’ Cruise here – to dress your daughters up as child prostitutes.

High heels at the age of 3. Nice. Real nice.

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2 comments to “The strange, strange rules of Scientology”

  1. i have gary glitter on line one. shall i ask him to hold? this is just PREPOSTEROUS! what are they thinking?

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  2. You have to wear high heels on a space ship. It’s a fact.

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