Mmmm, wet

DampOh look, it’s Daniel Radcliffe. With his top off. Again. But who are we to sniff at a bit of gratuitous flirting with the gays. Actually we’d quite like a sniff of Daniel Radcliffe, who is officially our almost-paedo-crush. After Taylor Lautner, natch. Eww, ‘natch’. Eww, ‘eww’.

In case anyone’s a-wondering, this latest installment of Radcliffe nudity comes c/o Tim Hailand’s book ‘One Day in the Life of Daniel Radcliffe’, which follows him in his lead up to his Broadway stint in Equus. We can’t imagine it was very interesting, unless Timmy boy was waiting in the wings to capture big Daniel giving little Daniel a helping hand before prancing nekkid on stage. Well, stage fright and all that.

Have a looksee at more of Tim Hailand’s work, here. Wethankyou.

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  1. Hailand’s Jake Shears stuff was quite lovely, even if he did spend his whole day drinking coffee and talking on the phone.

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