Old man bum


And not just any old man bum, but wrestler old man bum, which makes a difference, because when Hulk Hogan pulled this man’s itsy-bitsy panties down, the said heiney didn’t spill out and hit the canvas with a thwack. It actually stayed up there, pert and everything. The man is 60. *pops to gym*

Now we don’t really understand wrestling. To our philistine eyes it just looks like camp masked beefcakes twirling around each other and falling to the floor dramarama fash in something Matthew Bourne would be proud of. And if that’s what it is with the occassional naked back bottom thrown in, we should get ourselves ringside more often. Ooh ‘ringside’… the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Ignore the botty, what about that gut? Vile. And I wouldn’t go for Sting either. There’s been some odd old man loving going on in MeMeMe towers of late. Are you ok?

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