Get thee to the Thames in Barnes…!

Mind you don't fall off...!

Barnes has got its own sex pest.


The gennelman in question is a cyclist described as ‘naked or naked from the waist down’, who is ‘exposing himself’ to joggers – or mere passers-by, perhaps as they enjoy a scone with jam. Perhaps not - along the Thames. In Barnes. The Thames in Barnes.

If you’re already ‘naked or naked from the waist down’, you’re exposed. Just, you know, generally. Rather than exposing, fleetingly. Right?

Ooh, and CrimeWatch moment: The naked/semi-naked cyclist (let’s hope he carries wetwipes, perhaps in his shoes. We’re assuming he’s wearing shoes) is described as ‘white and about 30′.

Mmmmmm, white and about 30…

Maybe it’s this man.

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  1. Norma Major says:

    I love a sex pest. So very Carry On.

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  2. Bi-curious says:

    How do they get on those things?

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  3. funnies.
    why is flashing so funny?

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