Is there no end/beginning to Cheryl Cole’s talents?

Oh, Chez

Oh, Cheryl. Chez. Che. Ch. C. What a wonder thou art! Not only can she speak fluent Geordie, model hair extensions and batter black female toilet attendants (yeah, we know we’re supposed to have forgotten ‘Jigaboo-gate’ by now, but, guess what? We haven’t!), she can also turn out half-decent pop tunes.

Yes, we were scathing about ‘Fight For This Love’, but after we’d heard it 755,000 times in a row on Radio 2, we started to hear something. Now, the follow-up, the title track to her largely scathed 3 Little Words (what would they be? ‘No, Ashley, no’?) is in the world complete with an appearance by Will.I.Am channelling early Spike Lee and lots of topless models with their knickers over their faces.

But for all that, it’s not actually at all bad. To see said video, click here as Polydor have found it makes marketing sense to disable the ’embed’ facility on the promotional video.

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  1. Three little words? Try ‘My husband’s gay’.

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