A World AIDS Day resolution (on the day that GMTV decided no one should wear a red ribbon)!

Wear red for danger

So, welcome to the 21st World AIDS Day, which sees HIV infection among Her Majesty’s gays at record levels. Well, that’s clever! Twenty-five years of safer sex information (which, let’s face it, pretty much boils down to ‘don’t fuck without a condom’ – hardly rocket science) and there are still numpties coming out with the same old bollocks excuses for not wearing a condom.

You know like, ‘My cock is too big for a condom.’ Well, you can actually LITERALLY get a condom over your head, so how big is that cock?

So, how about we all celebrate by wearing that pretty red ribbon and making it long enough that you can use it to choke anyone who suggests unsafe sex in this day and age.

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