God don’t like ugly!

Get thee to a nunnery!

Picture the scene: a sad Christian type with nothing better to do – no poor people to help, no old ladies to help across roads, no actual Christian activity to engage in – decides to pitch up in Syracuse (New York, Her Majesty’s Colony of USA) to make the local gays, going about their daily business – you know, bumming, having a flat white coffee, bumming some more – feel uncomfortable in their home with a sign.

‘I decided that because this woman thought it was OK to make me feel uncomfortable in my home,’ said this gay (told you she was making them feel uncomfortable in their home!), ‘I would retaliate and make her feel just as uncomfortable, if not more.’

Even more importantly, if she’s taking the Holey Bible (well, there are a lot of holes in it) that seriously, she should look to her everlasting soul and check the label on that skirt: remember, according to a God with obviously way too much time on her hands, outfits made from more than one textile are as much of an abomination as bum sex.

And not nearly as much fun.

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3 comments to “God don’t like ugly!”

  1. And God likes a cheeky smiler, while she just looks glum.
    Maybe it’s dawning on her………

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  2. God also loves bumming… It’s looking pretty glum for the anti-gayers. They just need to embrace life and stop frothing at the cunt over things that really don’t matter. Can you imagine what goes through their heads when the lights are out and they’re just laying there?

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  3. This is already on my Facebook page … (-:

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