If you were the First Lady, wouldn’t you get the first lady of window displays to do your decorations?

'More fringeing! WE NEED MORE FRINGEING!'

Because that’s what Michelle Obamalamadingdong has been and gone and done. She hath chosen – or annointed – Simon Doonan (pictured here, on the right, with his partner – who looks a bit like Jack off-of Will & Grace – and a dog they have rented) to put up her tree and string her cards.

Simon Doonan, apart from being Creative Director of Barneys, is the dolly that Beautiful People, Jonathan Harvey’s super sit-com, is based on. And that makes him ‘good people’ (though we doubt he believes in the little baby Jesus, though we could be wrong).

Sure, those Americananinos would rather have marriage equality, but access to the Presidential baubles could be a good start. Right? Or right?

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