Is this what Jordan will look like at 53? She wishes!


No, silly sausage. It’s Jerry ‘rude!’ Hall (remember when someone asked her how she felt when Mick Jagger tried to dodge paying her alimony because their exotic wedding was not for real? ‘I thought it was rude!’! Oh, and let’s have another one. !. Is that not the most genius understatement ever?)

And she’s got our Katie down, right down to the ground: pink velour tracksuit, cleavage (though we do think Jord would have had a bit more lacey bra sticking out), pout, new product Sellotaped to side of head…

It’s for a new ITV Christmas show called The All-Star Impressions Show. Guess what that’s about. Go on, guess. GUESS!

It also features Corrie star Sally Lindsay (she’s not been in Corrie for years but once ‘Corrie star’ always ‘Corrie star’ as the showbiz saying goes) as Dannii Minogue, someone called Lisa Maxwell (‘All-Star’?) doing a genius Babs Windsor and Les Dennis (‘All-Star’?) doing Louis ‘You remind me of a young Angela Lansbury’ Walsh (‘All-Star’?)

See more selections from ITV’s All-Star (‘All-Star’?) Impressions Show over the jump…
I'm Strilian 'Get out of my wig!'

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3 comments to “Is this what Jordan will look like at 53? She wishes!”

  1. What’s that noise I can hear? I think it may just be the bottom of the barrel being scraped….

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  2. Oh, I know, why not bring back Mike Yarwood, Peter Goodwright and Roger Kitter and make it complete and utter shite instead of just utter shite?

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  3. I j’adore Jerry Hall.

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