This isn’t funny because he died. :-(

Hmmmm. It's not quite hitting the spot.


A man in the Ukraine has died (see, told you!) after the gum he was chewing exploded in his mouth. It blew his face off. Literally.

The 25-year-old was a chemistry student at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and regularly dipped his chud in citric acid. You know, for a bit of a kick. But he got a bit fuddled and dipped it – for the very last time, probably – in explosives.

Next thing you know, your ‘ead’s blown off.

It wasn’t Hubba Bubba, incidentally. We just used Cola Hubba Bubba for illustration purposes. We were never fond of Cola Hubba Bubba, incidentally.

*makes a note of that*

Thought: Why do things like this always happen in funny places like the Ukraine?

Thought 2: Alcohol makes life more interesting.

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  1. I’m drinking alcohol right now and you’re right… it does make life more interesting.

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