Michelle! You dirty cow! He’s only 17!

Dirty girl!

It’s not enough that Michelle Connor off-of Hear’Say and Irish is opening up her door to builders in just a towel – that old chestnut! – she’s now getting some deep tongueing from her son’s 17-year-old mate. And he’s a god botherer!

‘When I heard about it, I thought, Oh no!’ said Kym Marsh, the artiste formerly known as Kym from Wigan. ‘They’re not turning me into a paedophile, please!’

Well, technically Kimberley, he’d have to be younger than 17 for it to count as paedophilia. At 17 it’s R-O-N-G, wrong but not paedophilia.

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2 comments to “Michelle! You dirty cow! He’s only 17!”

  1. Filthy beggar.

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  2. And doesn’t Sophie go all lezzer?

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