Dear Santa…

Well aren't you clever.

All we want for Christmas is the following. It’s not really that much so if you don’t give us all of it, we’ll tell everyone you don’t exist. And what would the baby Jesus say about that, hmmmmn?

So in no particular order but starting from the very beginning, let us begin. From the beginning.

1) Those crackly whip things coming out of Mickey Rourke’s hands in Iron Man 2. If you need more to go off, jump The Jump (TM).

2) Three cats.

c) Malibu Stacey.

four) Me two front teeth.

v) To be a muse.

6) To be amused.

7) To be bummed.

[Henry the] VIII) A trolley dash lasting at least four hours in either Selfridges, Liberty, Romy and Michele’s shop in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, or Harvey Nick’s Food Hall. But all of the above.

9) To be invisible, but only when we choose.

10) This is quite similar to No. 1, but we’d like to have a super-power that enables something snazzy to ping out of our hands when we point them. But again, only when we choose. We don’t want to go frightening the tourists. Or the mens.

11) The mens.

Twelfty) Money. As much as we can manage.

13) All religion made illegal.

14) Any male lead in Spooks.

XV) All the male leads in all series of Spooks.

Sixteen) The Power of Grayskull

17) An Oz same-sex oriented scenario ie. An Oz scenario.

r) A doll, a drum, and a cock up a bum.

19) The elixir of youth, even though we are partial to a salt ‘n’ pepper.

20) Some crisps and some houmous.

21) Bigger boobs.

22) And c) and d).

*turns page*

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3 comments to “Dear Santa…”

  1. A frugal Christmas this year, Me Me Me?

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  2. There’s a handsome man that gets on the same bus as me sometimes. I’d like him for Christmas, thank you very much.

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  3. Presuming it’s not me, Pilar, can I please have him for afters? Tis the season, after all.

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