Welcome to our new crush. For the next five minutes, anyway.

Sorry, too fat.


So this bloke. He’s called Joe Manganiello, and he’s our new bum-chum in True Blood. He’ll be playing someone or other who does things with this teeth.

Fact has it he used to be in One Tree Hill, but seeing as we’re not ones to watch humourless bollocks such as that (it’s hardly Poirot, is it?), that means precisely jack diddly squat-on-our-face to us.

And in conclusion, it’s snowing like an absolute bugger-us-sideways out there, and we were going to go to the gymgaysium to get the exact same body as Joe Manganiello, but now we’re not. Which essentially means we’ll never find love because of the weather.

Happy now?

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2 comments to “Welcome to our new crush. For the next five minutes, anyway.”

  1. Oh hello.

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  2. Is it wrong to be bored by the mens like this? I want someone with an edge, not someone direct from the Bold and the Beautiful school of creation…

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