Oh, look, it’s Jesus on a banana in the first ever image of Our Lord captured smirking!

Peel Jesus back

Imagine this Australian woman who wears a thumb ring’s surprise when she went for a high-energy but healthy snack in the shape and format of a workaday banana only to find a portrait of our lord and baby Jesus emblazoned upon the yellow skin of said potassium-rich fruit.

‘I was like ‘Oh my God! It’s Jesus on a banana!’,’ said the Australian woman with a thumb ring to herself. ‘I got it out of the fruit bowl and was about to peel it and eat it when I saw his face.’ His face, capital H, surely!

According to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, not to be confused with the real Daily Telegraph of course, ‘the impact of seeing Christ pressed into the banana did not stop the 39-year-old of Haberfield from still eating the fruit and depositing the holy peel.’

‘I put some photos up on Facebook,’ said thumb ring. ‘One of my friends said it looked like a monkey.’

The DT goes on that thumb ring is no stranger to holy apparitions. In fact they seem to be popping up all over. ‘One of my friends said they saw the Holy Mother on their bathroom door,’ she recalls, wistfully. ‘And another saw an apparition of Mary on the mould of their shower floor!’

Well, they’re right about the moving in mysterious ways bit.


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  1. That’s a nice looking ‘nana.

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