Honey, have you been working out?

Owcha Magowcha

OK, so it’s been many a long year since he did his business in Billy Elliot but this is not a bad body for a 22-year-old (maybe it was the prospect of starring opposite Channing Tatum that led Jamie Bell – for ’tis he – to his local LA Fitness).

The film is The Eagle of the Ninth and buff Jamie plays a Celtic slave (and we do love our Celtic slaves). And how handy that Celtic slaves were down with the whole low-slung hipster look over 800 years ahead of the fashion going mainstream, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to perve over those waist muscle things.

What are those wasist muscle things called, by the way? Answers on a Holly Hobbie notelet. Or in the comments bit below.

In a sort of related but sort of unrelated incident, we found out on this morning’s GMTV that when John Partridge, the gay who plays the gay in EastEnders (it’s all going down tomorrow with the Muslim boyfriend, by the way), was at ballet school, the boy who Billy Elliot was based on was his mentor. Strange but truthful.

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  1. I do love a good Celtic slave …

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  2. girdles of venus. It’s true!

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