Lesbians are taking over the world! Hooray!

Ladies who munch

You wouldn’t know it, what with their obvious use of hair-care products and facial maquillage, but these ladies are lezzes! Hooray!

Yes, Alison Goldfrapp, who once told us about her porn stash (now we’re wondering what kind of stash that was) has revealed – or ‘confessed’ as the Daily Cunt might put it – that she’s doing it genital style with a lady who edited Sam Taylor-Wood’s Nowhere Boy movie. 

For real. Wonder if they do it with the animal masks on. Probably not. Would be scratchy.

Not only but also… that nice lady off-of the BBC’s news show – Jane Hill – she of the nice cleavage and nicely brushed hair, has also revealed that she is shacked up with what the ‘Cunt’ calls a cameraman (only, obviously, this being a lesbian story, is a woman, so, a camerawoman. Or cameragirl if the word ‘woman’ is problematic).

So, it’s official, the next decade is going to see all women turn lesbian. And we salute them. Leaves more mens for us.

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3 comments to “Lesbians are taking over the world! Hooray!”

  1. Hooray for les Lezzes!

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  2. Oh, fannytastic!

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  3. lesbians are taking over the world. more and more women out there are falling in love with other women today. they are very very sick people that need medical attention the way i see it.

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