Darker! DARKER!

Like a little brown?

Now, heaven knows we’re not averse to a little light tanning action, from the simple Holiday Skin through all levels of tinted moisturiser to full-on spray tans courtesy of St. Tropez. But we do think slathering the brown on with a paint roller is perhaps taking things a little too far. Especially when it leaves all of them looking like they’ve been creosoted (ooh, don’t you love the smell of creosote. Especially on a muscleman!) And we note that the ‘tanner’ himself is a lighter, whiter shade of pale, which must say something.

This is just one of a round-up of what Outsports, the sports site for people who are – guess what? – out (or even still in but interested in looking at perky lumps in male athletes’ stretch outfits), are calling The Hottest Sports Pics of the Year, or somesuch.

You can be the judge of that, finger the goods and choose your very favourite by simply clickedy-clicking here.

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  1. Now that’s a dirty protest.

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