Let’s start our first day back at work as we mean to go on: with gratuitous pictures of the mens with their penises showing through their clothing

August is steamy

It’s the start of the new year and we think we need a little bit of something something to get us up and atom (with the emphasis on the ‘up’ rather than the ‘atom’) of a morning. Which is why we are nicking this round-up of the horniest calendars around. This one is kind of our favourite, focussing as it does on athletes. Or should that be ‘athletes’ as we wonder if any of them could find their way around a medicine ball.

Liking the look of April (that’s not his name, it’s his month), June (that’s not his month, it’s his name) and May (that’s not his name or his month, it’s his state of mind). Click here for some more totty calendarios that someone else has handily compiled…

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