Must try harder…

My, aren't you a big boy!

Couldn’t they have made it bigger?

A little story: When someone who shall remain anonymous and also unnamed and also John offered us a job in Dubai, we had one word for them: Not on your fucking nelly.

And for those who like a bit of a back story with their, erm, stories, this is the Burj Khalifi – formerly known as Burj Dubai. Formerly known as My Skyscraper’s Bigger Than Yours, Na-Na-Na-Na-Naaa – which offish opened today in Dubai. It’s the world’s tallest building. So there.

There’s a firework display to celebrate over The Jump (TM). Just a little one, mind. And a finger buffet with mini-Yorkshire puds and some silly string.

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3 comments to “Must try harder…”

  1. Not as crass as the other stuff they’re building/have built there… still wouldn’t, though.

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  2. I like to holiday in sophisicated places where you don’t get stoned for bumming on the beach…

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  3. saw bits of the opening ceremony on telly this afternoon. Full of men in dresses, and not a lady in sight.
    Looks like homo heaven! Though not too keen on stones,..

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