*tilts head to one side, in the style of Joe ‘I’m not gay’ McElderry*


*doesn’t also do the tombstone teeth grin because that would put people off their chocolate-covered croissant*

So just a word or two on Celeb Big Brother.

The first is that we decided to put the picture that everyone’s using at a 90 degree angle because it pays to be different.

Secondly, pretty uninspiring stuff thus far, and we don’t quite have to patience we used to, but we’ll keep one eye on it all the same; the other will be on Alex Reid’s crotch.

Thirdamente… Stephen Baldwin. Born again? Once is bad enough. And let us not forget that he’s a dirty homophobe.

Speaking of which, the one thing this show is desperately missing is a gay. Two, if we’re being really honest.

Lastly, for now: Heidi Fleiss’s mouth.


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  1. Sov’s a lady-gay.

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