Can these two keep their clothes on for five minutes!? Hope not.


Apart from being a very poor advert for facial surgery – Heidi’s face looks like it’s sliding clean off the front of her head while you can’t understand a word bloody Ivana Trump is saying. But then could you ever? – and a showcase for prostitutes both male and female (how many people in that house, from Ivana on up or down, depending on your perspective, are famous simply for having shagged someone?), it seems the main theme of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother is male nudity.

And we’re all in favour of male nudity. Maybe, seeing as there’s no mouthy gay in there this year (can you imagineĀ if Boy George had gone in? This lot would have all been ripped a brand new back bottom by now), the boys feel more comfortable getting them off.

First there was the mankini thing, now this thing and (our favourite) Alex Reid in swimtrunks and a sopping wet muscle shirt bashing away on his punchbag. We almost had a moment. *faints. Is revived with smelling salts. Smelling salts turn out to be poppers. Faints again, this time while laughing and touching self*

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  1. It’s going to take a lot to top sweaty Alex Reid and his punch bag as my TV highlight of 2010. Why have they stopped subtitling Ivana? Got a feeling its because the producers can’t understand what she’s saying either.

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