Do you carry more than three of these about with you? Then – unlike Peaches Geldof – you must be a prostitute!

Now, let's see you put it on!

Yes, people. If you are picked up by the fuzz (or swung round by the tits – ah, remember that joke?) in one of Washington D.C.’s ‘no prostitution zones’ (what, is prostitution allowed everywhere else, then?) and you are patted down, told to turn around and spread while a policeman goes at you with his nightstick *has wipe down with cold towel, returns to story* and he finds that you are carrying on your personage more than three condoms, then you will be deemed to be looking for business. Of a financial, prostitution-related nature.

Never mind that condoms come in packs of three or more. And never mind that a girl never knows when she’s going to get VERY lucky. And never mind that it’s a very good idea to be wearing a condom if you are going to be putting your penile area up someone else’s arsehole/ladyminge area. And never mind that surely people are allowed to carry what the hickory holler they like as long as it’s not dangerous or addictive. And never mind a lot of other stuff.

The only outcome we can predict from this – and apparently New York City is thinking of adopting the practice – is that prostitutes working tail in ‘no prostitution zones’ will now be fucking you without the benefit of protection. Lucky you! Lucky them! Lucky everyone!

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