Lady Gaga does Kate Bush. Well, it was only really a matter of time

She's ever so modern, you know

It was the year of Chernobyl and the Challenger crashing but much more fun than that – and a lot better for your health! – it was also the year Peter Gabriel asked one Kate Bush to duet with him on a song called ‘Don’t Give Up’, which would go on to join that pantheon of great duets that already included Captain and Tenille’s ‘Muscrat Love’, Olivia Newton-John and Cliff Richard’s ‘Suddenly’, R&J Stone’s ‘And We Do It’ and Deniece Williams and Johnny ‘I’m gay but let’s not talk about it because I get death threats when I do’ Matthis’s ‘Too Much, Too Little, Too Late’.

Twenty-four years later (where did that time go? Last thing we knew we were applying eyeliner to pop down the Mudd Club and suddenly – bang! – it’s 2010!) Lady Gaga – obviously no worthy successor to Kate Bush because a). Kate Bush doesn’t need no successor, bitch! and b). no one short of Her Majesty the Queen as produced by someone who used to be in Pink Floyd could ever fill those Red Shoes – has revisited that classic moment with a band no one has ever heard of.

See a funny old video of the song over the jump, but you might have to click it twice or something because the video’s Russian and we couldn’t understand any of the instructions…

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  1. *slides gently into a coma murmuring ra-ra-ra-ah-ah-roma-rum-la-la-ga-ga-oh-la-la*

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