Today’s lesson, courtesy of Sade.

Sade. Definitely not Slade.


First off, Sade’s offish video for ‘Soldier of Love’. The one that’s embedded (oooh, embedded) here is not quite as good quality as the one on Sony’s YouTube page, but the one on Sony’s YouTube page is ‘Embedding disabled by request’ which means we can’t embed it. Mmmm, bed. Which is just fucking tight, really, because it just makes people like us think, ‘Sony? Fucking tight, they are!’ and then it also means people like us – millions, perhaps even billions of us. If we’re pushing the boat out, trillions – can’t embed the video therefore can’t direct quite a lot of people to their page/site/Marks’s buffet. You do the math.

Deux: Next time a famous wails, ‘I just want to be left alone!’ whilst simultaneously whoring his/her/he-she’s ass round every Tom, Dick, Harry and Derek, just point at Sade. Figuratively point at Sade. Draw a picture of a woman with big lips and a ponytail, and point at it.

Three: Whatever happened to Tanita Tikaram? 

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2 comments to “Today’s lesson, courtesy of Sade.”

  1. I don’t know where Tanita is, but her brother popped up on EastBenders the other day, if that’s anything.

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  2. Good tradition of love and hate – always a festive holiday song on the selctor in the Kander family! Bring it back!

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