Another American TV show we’re quite prepared to love (though it’ll never be Spooks)

You'll do

We must admit, we are becoming a little confused by American TV shows at the moment. Glee and Nurse Jackie obviously we hands-down love, love, love but True Blood? Is it supposed to be badly acted and look like it’s been made in the Blue Peter studio? We actually suspect it is. Which means we a). don’t get it and b). keep expecting Valerie Singleton to introduce the Dagenham Girl Pipers (mind you, the show is so crazy, it could happen).

And now we’re faced with Blue Mountain State, the heartwarming story of a bunch of meathead American college football players and their lives of tits and beer and homoerotic acts. Even the trailer contains two instances of someone saying ‘Dude, isn’t this a bit gay?’ And they’re both good instances.

Instance numero 1). Some guy is shaving some other guy’s naked arse/ass/back bottom/hiney in the locker room.

Instance number 2). The guys are lined up on a line (don’t expect us to know anything about American football here: we’re just getting our heads around French skipping) in their jockstraps.

Bring it on, as they say in some American High Schools. See that trailer for your own self over the jump…

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Another American TV show we're quite prepared to love (though it'll never be Spooks), 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. They wear helmets. Such pussies.

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  2. My eyes are bleeding.

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