Nan. Such a charmer.

Super Nan

And we quote:

‘I’m a silly cunt? What are you? You can’t get a woman!’

‘Look, you’ve pissed your fucking self, you fucking dirty bastard!’

‘I will mash you up, yeah!’

‘Fuck off, bitch!’ 

‘Take your fucking hands off me – you might have AIDS!’

‘Look at your fucking teeth!’…

Do you suck your Werther’s with that mouth, Nan?!

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3 comments to “Nan. Such a charmer.”

  1. After a couple of glasses of wine this evening I fully intend to become both those people at separate times during night

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  3. “I will mash you up, yeah!” So funny. If my nan said that, I would piss myself laughing! :-) [Boy] George sent me this on Facebook last week. {*sonic boom from name-drop*} :-p

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