Ooh, look at Riah’s Golden Globes!

Double whammy!

Well, Mariah Carey may have walked away empty handed (if not empty bloused) from the Golden Globes but bearing in mind Glitter, who thought she’d ever be allowed in? There was a day when security were issued with a picture of her with her hair in pigtails and a baker boy cap on and told that their families would be killed if it was allowed entry. Not now. Not since Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire published by HarperCollins in the United States of America and other publishers elsewhere (catchy title for a film, innit? Though we cannot recommend the film – and the book Push by Sapphire published by HarperCollins… highly enough.)

Anyways, Mariah may not have won or even been nominated (not even for Best Facial Hair as she has a moustache in the movie) but at least Mo’Nique got hers. Hotly, highly, muchly, greatly, truly, madly, deeply deserved.

As for the others: hate Drew Barrymore but loved her in Grey Gardens; love Sandra Bullock so she can have what she wants; love (depsite ourselves – we actually went along to point and laugh) Avatar, so good for them; love Emily Blunt but love Sandra Bullock more, so never mind; love A Single Man so tears of real water that CeeFirth didn’t get it; Meryl Streep gets what she wants; j’adore Robert Downey Jr, so hoorays for him (wonder if Madonna is gutted that Guy Ritchie finally made a decent movie. After she binned him); Glee, great; Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock, hooray (though he’s better in Will & Grace) and finally, who the hell knew but hooray anyway to The Hangover, which deservedly beat the patchy and at times piss poor Nine (Sophia Loren? Monster along Donatella lines) into a cocked bonnet.

And there you have the winners and losers at last night’s Golden Globes.

True story.

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  1. Mariah ain’t half got ‘er baps out, mum! :-o

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