Torchwood is going to get an American version. Does that mean John Barrowman will be terrorising Los Angelinos with his penis from now on?

Go on, lick it (we recycled that from the Madonna story)

So, a little bird (oh, and the Hollywood Reporter) told us that Russell T. Davies, the man behind the original Brit versh of Queer as Folk and the gay generally credited with reviving that old British institution Doctor Who has been languishing in Los Angeles (pronounced with a hard ‘g’ like when Angelica Houston says it in The Grifters) working on an American version of Doctor Who spin-off (featuring a big old bisexual in the shape and format of John Barrowman – pictured on the left, probably with his cock out in that very picture) Torchwood (which is apparently an anagram of ‘Doctor Who’ but we can’t be bothered to check).


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