Karen Walker answers your questions! Exclusive and all that! Part the first.

Karen speaks!

So, in the run up to her (no doubt) sell-out one woman (and a band) London gigs at the Vaudeville Theatre, from 16th February – the band’s called Supreme Music Progam, btw and you can buy your ticket here – we got some time with Megan Mullally, the woman behind the bitch behind Karen Walker off-of Will & Grace, and popped your questions inside of her. And she liked the feel of ’em, let us tell you…

Now find out who’s cuntier, Madonna or Cher, who Karen is based on and whether Jack is a top or a bottom (though we think we know the answer to that one already…)

Was Madonna really a cunt when she cameo-ed on Will & Grace? Lourdes

Oh my god! Absolutely the complete opposite! She was so great! She was so professional, she worked her arse off. She worked harder than any guest star we ever had on that show. No entourage, absolutely zero. She couldn’t have been any nicer and I couldn’t believe how open she was. Very smart, totally professional and never a moment of being cunty or bitchy or diva-y in any way. But Cher is not a joiner. She was kind of bussed in and out for a scene in the two episodes she did. She’d wait out in her limo then step in three or four minutes before the scenes and then step back out. I said, ‘Hi, nice to meet you’ to her and that was it. Not a joiner.

Is it true you’re doing a musical based on Karen? And if so, who’s the Will & Grace character who’s going to be your sidekick? – Lily Langtry

Well, it’s a musical starring Karen and it’s going to involve the characters of Karen Walker and Beverly Leslie. It came from an idea I had and I will be having a very involved hand in the creation and development of it. It’s a chamber piece. We want to do it in Los Angeles first as a limited run, then in New York, then come to London, then go to Australia and basically take it to anywhere that Will & Grace was popular for six weeks or eight weeks or whatever.

While developing the character, was Karen influenced or shaped by anyone you ever knew, or did it just come naturally to you? – Bree Van de Camp

No. None of the characters I’ve done have been based on any of the people I’ve known but unconsciously there are traces of people in there. I know this sounds very actressy but I do feel that in a way there’s something spooky, something I don’t understand about the process of acting because I don’t pick it, it picks me. Karen kind of picked her own character, I didn’t make any conscious decisions.

Is Jack a top or a bottom? – Champagne for Lulu

Jack? That’s hilarious. I’ll have to think about this. Jack’s a bottom. Got to be a bottom.

More coming soon! 

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  1. Now I’m chuffed!

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  2. So Madonna’s nice and Cher’s a cunt! Who knew!
    No really, who knew? I was totally expecting the opposite.

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  3. Omg freakin god she might be coming to Australia. I’m so fucking excited!!!!!!

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  4. I want her in my life. I need her in my life.
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