Megan Mullally whacks ’em out. Yes, it’s more of your questions answered by the woman who possessed the body of Karen Walker.

These old things? I only wear them when I don't care how I look

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Now for the meat to go with them potatoes:

What’s the filthiest thing you’ve ever done? – Hairy Mary
I had sex on a train once, in my seat under a blanket with my boyfriend. We didn’t think anyone noticed because everyone was asleep but my boyfriend said that after, the guy across the aisle gave him the thumbs up.

What’s Rosario like in real life? – Blah
The actress Shelly Morrison? She’s very… nice. She’s er… very popular with the crew. [We mention that this isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement] Well, I liked her but she was always getting into trouble. She was always having to go to the Principle’s office. Infractions. She was just a naughty girl. It’s funny, you wouldn’t think that because she was the oldest of the prominent cast members, but there’s always got to be a naughty one.

Were you gutted your chat show in the States was axed? I personally enjoyed it muchly. – Uma
I enjoyed doing it and I always wanted to do a chat show just not that particular chat show. I wanted to do a show where there was maybe a celebrity at the beginning then more everyday people. I wanted to do a show about storytelling and I still might do it on the radio. They wanted me to do a show more like Ellen Degeneres. I said, ‘But she’s already doing that show’ and they were like, ‘That doesn’t matter’, but it does matter. What was unique about me got lost on the shop floor a little.

Was Will aware he was the rubbish one? – Betty Windsor and Who is less funny? Will or Grace? – Blah
As characters they both had their quirks but because they gave Grace [I Love] Lucy things to do, I’d have to say Will was less funny because you know a girl who is always falling down or getting water dumped on her or crying hysterically is just funnier.

Some of the jokes were pretty darn radical/close to the bone: anti-gay, anti-Jewish, anti-poor. How did you get away with them, particularly in puritan America-ca-ca? – Claude Remains
I think political correctness is the enemy of comedy and I think you have to keep pushing the envelope. Back when we were doing Will & Grace we were pretty much on the cutting edge. I turned to Minnie Driver’s character once and said ‘Eat me!’ and that had never been said on network television. And she dropped jewellery out of her vagina and that had never been done before. And that’s comedy! The best comedy always involves a lot of political incorrectness and a little bit of shock value. You can’t worry about offending people.


Interview with Megan, Part the First.

Pop a Question Inside of a Famous: Megan Mullally

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  3. Shit i’m old enough to be her daughter i’d trade my mum in Megan would adopt me!! (Mum if you read this I love you!!) Now i know why i don’t like to go on trains!!!

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