Four out of ten Brits now think homosexual activity (what, wearing tight trousers and buying Madonna albums?) is ‘not wrong at all’. Oh, thanks very much for that

Gays, not as bad as they used to be

Yes, gays, you are now more acceptable than ever according to the British Attitudes Survey.

Where did it all go wrong? Hmmm? Not trying hard enough, we think. According to The Daily Cunt ‘only a third of the population now believe that gay sex is morally wrong’ while ‘tolerance’ is at an all time high (what’s that old Cocteau quote about refusing to be tolerated?)

But then the country’s gone to the dogs in other areas as well. Nearly half the population thinks it doesn’t make a cat’s meow of difference whether mums and dads are married or not and, more importantly, only 27% of the population supports higher taxes on shandy booze.

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