Pop a question inside Megan Mullally. The last hoorah!

You are filthy and outrageous, Megan Mullally

In the run-up to Megan Mullally and her band’s (soon to be) sell-out residency at London’s glittering Vaudeville Theatre – tickets! – we conclude our three days of grilling, putting your frankly impertinent questions to a shining star of TV, Broadway and her own back bedroom.

Will you adopt me? – Pauline’s Pens
Adoption is a beautiful, beautiful thing to do but I always thought that I’m 51 and if you’re graduating from high school and your mum is in a wheelchair out in the audience, then it’s a problem. How old are you?

When you were doing the character voice for Karen, did it hurt after a while? – Richard
No, it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s just more breath and the placement of your tongue in your throat. [Which sounds filthy and outrageous, Megan Mullally!]

What is the most romantic thing your husband Nick has ever done for you? – Rosario Salazar McFarland
He is really a very romantic guy and has done a lot. Once, we went out onto this huge pontoon at night so we could… anyway, we left the lights of the boat on so when it came to getting back we couldn’t get it to start so he rowed about four miles to get us back and just asked me to sing to him as we went.

Are there any plans in the works for another SNP album? – Anastacia Beaverhausen
Yeah, I’m sure there’ll be another album. It’s all about the songs. What we are going to do is a live album, so we’re getting together some really good live tracks.

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4 comments to “Pop a question inside Megan Mullally. The last hoorah!”

  1. Megan is the same age as Madonna – there’s no contest. Megan is still gorgeous!!

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  2. And they’re friends! Can you imagine going to dinner with Madge and Megan!

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  3. I’m 33. My question still stands.

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