A story about Sex and The City. Sorry, ASASATC.

Lady in white. And a bit of red.

Kim Cattrall squirmed her way through a predictably tawdry Jonathan Ross interview yester eve, but we’ll be blown (we will. We really will) some actual information was garnered.

There might be a SATC3. Which, when written like the kids do, looks like a pair of tits at the end.

*falls off chair*

Then there might not be a SATC3.

*gets back on again*

But then, you never know, there just might be. A SATC3.

*falls right back off again*

Then again, it really is┬áhard to say. What with the weather and schedules (both the ‘sk’ and the ‘sch’ varieties) and general generalness.

*stands up off chair, moves to chaise longue*

In other news, Kim Cattrall looked really hot. And white – are you taking notes? – is not generally a good colour on women of a certain age.

Who learn to rely.

And judge all his responses.

Speaking of which…

What, you read something into that?

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3 comments to “A story about Sex and The City. Sorry, ASASATC.”

  1. J’adore KC off-of SATC1, 2 and maybe 3.

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  2. But can we talk about the fake English accent she adopted halfway through? It was all very Annabelle Bronstein.

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  3. Kim Cattrall *is* English. Born in Liverpool. But raised in Canada. I’m sure she can’t help slipping in/out of accents. I sympathise!

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