A Single Man. ‘Cause you can never have enough single men. Married or otherwise.

Is that a Humbug you're sucking?

Bumchums? Hello.

So this is some footage taken from last night’s United England of British Kingdoms premiere of A Single Man, currently starring interviews with Tom Ford off-of Don’t Touch The Hair (capitalized ’cause it’s important), Colin Firth off-of not Mr Darcy the knee expert in the Bupa adverts, Matthew Goode off-of we won’t hold the remake of Brideshead Revisited against you, and Nicholas Hoult off-of thank god he didn’t grow up ugly.

Something perhaps to note. The interviews, preluded with a little trailer-ette, kinda give the whole game away. Admittedly Christopher Isherwood’s book on which the film is based does the same thing (ish. Thomas had a little fiddle with plots ‘n’ stuff ‘n’ maybe even himself), so if knowing what happens doesn’t rattle your homoerotic cage fight with Alex Reid, then trot on and enjoy, as they say. (Who’s they?)

Something else. We’ve put up two video sizes of the footage. Which began as a handy, you-choose sort of thing, but ended as a real fun thingthing because when you jump the jumpy jump they both start to play at the same time, only with a split-second’s delay, and it sounds like there’s a CRAZY echo. Some people like that.

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  1. Hahaha, the echo!

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  2. I’d bum Thomas all along the Highway to Heaven…

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  3. Hi Nell, my name is Thomas, but you can call me ‘Tonight’

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