How nice of Madonna to say Jesus dumped her…

Who are you again?

Three weeks after we broke the news (we do hate showing off and this isn’t Facebook but, well, we’re showing off and this still isn’t Facebook), Madonna and Jesus have officially split. And Madonna’s letting Jesus be the dumper. Which we think is terribly gracious of her.

‘It was not only totally amicable,’ Source told the Chicago Sun-Times (tell you what, when we get our hands on that friggin’ Source we’ll effing wring their neck!), ‘but it was Luz who initiated the split.’ 

a) ‘Sun-Times’? Split personality papers? Maybe that’s the future!

b) ‘Luz’? Is he in class? Can we not use the more familiar first name?

And c) and d).


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2 comments to “How nice of Madonna to say Jesus dumped her…”

  1. Which makes Madonna the official ‘dumpee’. That’s very toilet going-like.

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  2. i expect it was pressure of all his DJ work. that and the fact she was fucking that A-Rod chump again.

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