Hello Dennis Quaid.

Hello! Posture!

Body of a 20-year-old, face of Dennis Quaid.

Not that we’ve seen many 20-year-olds with that body.

*sticks tongue out; thinks*

Body of a 32-year-old whose been frequenting the gymgaysium, face of Dennis Quaid.

At some point in this story we have to mention 55, which is Dennis’s age. Some people are frothing at the flange that a 55-year-old has this body. Some people are just frothing at the flange.

In other news, Peter Andre squish-squished on live telly. Course he did. He really needs to get that seen by a medical professional.

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3 comments to “Hello Dennis Quaid.”

  1. Rather pale. Hot, but rather pale. Nicola Roberts would approve.

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  2. … bet good money that he’s a jolly ride in bed though!

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  3. I still would.

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